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The official text of the Invitation by Dušan Radosavljević (Head of the CSPD and person responsible for the implementation of the initiative):



"Dear Sir/Madam,

I am addressing you in front of the Committee for Space Programme Development CSPD ( and the Space Museum ( with the intention of informing you about the global initiative to create the largest physical base of small Satellites in the World, which will be part of the permanent exhibition of the Space Museum in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Our mission is the historical display of as many (small) Satellites as possible, especially CubeSat and PocketQube form factors. In most cases, large Satellites are exhibited in Museums, while the smaller ones go into oblivion, even though their importance is equal. We think that everyone in the World should be given the opportunity to leave a permanent physical historical mark that is important for humanity. Anyone who deals with such things and who launched the Satellite is a part of history and should be known throughout the World always and forever. The competition is increasing and today the launch of a Satellite has become the 'new normal', which means that there is a great possibility of being forgotten. We want to prevent that! We have created a special space in the Museum for everyone and we will not allow the hard work, effort, time, energy, and sacrifices invested for the common good to be forgotten. You are the ones who push humanity forward and it is our duty to record that permanently and to be a motivation for others. So that the citizens can learn from you and at the same time be inspired to be better. I am writing all this from my personal experience and from the experience of my team because we also wrote the history of the Space program of our country and region. We (CSPD) with Indian partners launched 3 Satellites in 2021 during the Pandemic and very few people in our country knew about it then. Thanks to the Space Museum, everyone now knows, as well as the entire region, and at the same time, our credibility and the credibility of our organization and the state have increased.

Globally, this initiative was recognized and received full support. We are constantly receiving small Satellites data (primarily student ones) and we are most sincerely grateful for that.

If you, too, would like your achievement to be physically constantly in front of the eyes of the citizens of the World, the name of your team, etc., all to be part of the permanent exhibition of the most specific Space Museum in the World, send us a data of your Satellite:  technical characteristics, mission, team names, pictures of the team members, pictures of Satellite etc., everything you think citizens should know about your Satellite and you, but most importantly send us blueprints or ".stl" file so that we can 3D print an exact replica of your Satellite. We have a special team of experts working on this project who will do their best to create a replica of your Satellite based on the data you sent us. We (CSPD) cover all manufacturing costs.

Our Space Museum is located in 4 locations, 3 of which are located at the 400-year-old Petrovaradin fortress in Novi Sad, and the fourth location is Airport "Veliki Radinci". At the Petrovaradin Fortress, we have a space with a permanent display of exhibits and a Planetarium dome (location 1), then a Hi-Tech space where we simulate the stay of citizens in a Spaceship and a flight through the Solar System (location 2) and location 3 represents the Observatory facility with main Ground Station command HQ. Given that it is a combination of rustic ambience and sophisticated content, special attention was paid to the scenographic fit so that visitors, in addition to the main content, would also find this unusual combination interesting. The Space Museum was opened last year and is an institution of national importance.

It is important to note that Novi Sad is located at the crossroads of the roads from Europe to Asia and Africa, that is, the shortest and most usable land route to Asia and Africa is precisely through Novi Sad, ie Serbia. Also, the Petrovaradin fortress is the largest fortress in Europe, and this all affects the huge number of tourists who visit us every year. The Danube River passes through Novi Sad, and a significant number of tourists also come by river. Because of all of the above, the Space Museum is classified as an institution of national and regional importance.

If you are interested in being a part of such an important initiative, please let me know ( so that I can guide you in the procedure of sending the Satellite data. All Satellites and accompanying data are processed by experts and cataloged according to international standards and rules.


Best regards"

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